The Leadership Awards


Woman in PayTech Award

The Woman in PayTech Award (in partnership with FemTechGlobal) will laud an outstanding woman for her distinguished leadership and inspiring work in making a positive impact in the payments services industry.

Winner Highly Commended Shortlist
Melissa McKendry Tracy Cray Diana Avila
Tracy Cray
Martina King
Monika Liikamaa
Talbott Roche
Fiona Tee
Melissa McKendry
Nicole Sandler
Lee Ann Lancaster
Terrie Smith


PayTech Leadership Award

The PayTech Leadership Award will go to an individual – a man or a woman – for leading and playing an instrumental role in devising and/or delivering the technology strategy to support the key business objectives of an organisation, making an impact in the payments industry and contributing towards the industry’s betterment.

Winner Highly Commended Shortlist
Christian Chmiel Monica Eaton-Cardone Suresh Vaghijiani
Rob Manders
Monica Eaton-Cardone
Christian Chmiel
Diana Fletcher
Vijay Anand
Rob Weisz
Raja Gopalakrishnan
David Reiling
Anne Boden


Rising PayTech Star Award

The inaugural Rising PayTech Star Award celebrates driven, inspirational and dynamic paytech professionals (both men and women), looking to make their mark on the industry. The judges look for innovative role models – whatever their age, gender or career standing (provided they are relatively new to paytech) – with ambition to make an impact, hunger for knowledge, enthusiasm to develop their skills further and successfully rise to the challenges of the paytech sector.

Winner Highly Commended Shortlist
Alex Barseghian Maxime de Nanclas Alex Barseghian
Carolyn Homberger
Eray Eren
Margarita Mukhmadeeva
Sandipan Chakraborty
Anna Tsyupko
Ane Silva
Daria Rippingale
Maxime de Nanclas
Paul Kent


PayTech Team of the Year

The PayTech Team of the Year Award will laud a team working in the paytech space that has stood out for its teamwork, efficiency and going above and beyond in achieving the goals and delivering value to the project/organisation, setting the bar high for what it means to work together for a common goal and produce outstanding results.

Winner Highly Commended Shortlist
BPI Vocalink BPI
OP Financial Group