FemTechGlobal is a worldwide community working towards inclusion, diversity, and supporting those invested in changing financial services for the greater good through technology.

It is comprised of women and men who recognise that diversity in all forms makes for a richer resolution to the challenges the financial services industry tackles, and that each diverse voice contributes to a better solution.

Through collaboration, co-creation, partnerships and networks, education and mentorship, the FemTechGlobal mission is to bridge the gender gap in the financial services sector.

FemTechGlobal has an ongoing commitment to fostering parity in the workplace, highlighting gender-bias and disparity, promoting policy change within individual organisations as well as the industry as a whole, and recognising and celebrating individual members of the community for their contribution to innovation in the financial services space.

FemTechGlobal is proud to support the Woman in PayTech Award 2019.

To learn more, visit the FemTechGlobal website or email Ghela Boskovich.